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Endear Stories

Recommend products in a story-like format your customers already know and love. Click through some examples to see how your brand's could look.

The Art of the Endear Story

Stories are the best way for your sales team to show off their expertise and creativity while building trust and driving sales. See how other brands artfully use stories on Endear.

Todd Snyder lookbook

For Styling Remotely

Stories are a powerful way to show customers what to wear within context. Customers may not know how to pair certain items or how to dress something up or down, and curated stories serve as the perfect tool to give them the confidence they need to buy.

Jarbo lookbook

For Introducing New Products

Bring your customers updated on what's new at your store. Create unique stories with new products based on your audience's previously purchased items, geography, or just-in inventory at a specific store.

Misha Nonoo lookbook

For Following Up After Appointments

Whether hosting a virtual appointment or connecting with customers face-to-face, they may not always be ready to purchase on the spot. That's where stories come in: send a story after client appointments with a recap of all the products they considered, notes around sizing, and any feedback they shared during your session.

Koio lookbook

For Highlighting Variety

If your brand specializes in a specific product category, stories can help draw attention to the unique differences between products like new material, special collaboration, or limited edition.

Gorjana lookbook

For Celebrating Your Team

Give your team a platform to share their style and taste - celebrating your salespeople and providing a way for them to build a following may encourage customers to seek out their guidance one-on-one.

Rebag lookbook

For Accommodating Budgets

Sometimes customers need to see a range of products based on price. Stories can help customers better understand what items are available from a budget standpoint.

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