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Driving Sales in the Era of Remote Communication

On this episode of Retail Refined, host Melissa Gonzalez is joined by Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder of Endear, for a topical discussion – how can salespeople reach customers and drive new business when face-to-face interaction isn’t possible?

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How Anine Bing’s Pandemic Pivot Saved Jobs and Drove New Revenue

"For Anine Bing, the decision to implement Endear was a game-changer. The company could count on their retail sales teams to continue driving revenue from home, and associates were learning in real-time how to translate their in-person skills into a digital experience."


How DTC shoe brand Margaux is using its in-store associates to drive online sales

If you can attribute customers and specific purchases to stores beyond those placed within its four walls, it provides a much more sophisticated lens into the impact a pop-up has had on a new city or the true efficiency of a store.


Leigh Sevin, Co-founder of Endear, Talks About Getting Your First B2B Sales

An in-depth interview with Leigh Sevin, Co-founder of Endear. Leigh shares her experiences growing B2B sales for her company, from her very first pilot customer to today - and all the lessons she's learned along the way.

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The Tech Tool Saving Brick and Mortar Stores

"The user-friendly tool tracks consumer spending habits and preferences to help associates deliver elevated customer service and sales."

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Endear Co-Founder Leigh Sevin Tells How To Bring Personalized Customer Relationships Back Into Retail

Endear's innovative, user-friendly tool is a “secret weapon for retailers,” allowing them to reinvigorate brick and mortar sales by putting the relationship back into retail. Endear is designed to track consumer spending habits and preferences to help associates deliver better customer service and sales.

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Endear, The Retail Application That Gets It Right

"The store associate is incredibly knowledgeable about the product or brand and has a great way with customers. That has always been their claim to fame, so to speak. We want to get brands to leverage that skill set in a much more universal, scalable way."

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Endear Helps Associates Connect With Shoppers

The tool is designed for user friendliness, helping associates quickly access customer profiles to build one-on-one relations or make recommendations based on previous purchases.

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Endear Helps In-Store Staff Become Outbound Retailing Masters

Using Endear’s centralized messaging capabilities and its power of scale, associates can reach out over text and email, sharing product images and setting up lookbooks for customers. The platform enables a level of personalization that, while typically done well through ecommerce channels, can be missing in stores.


The 7 Best Shopify Apps for Engaging Retail Customers

The way retailers engage customers needs to keep pace as they adapt to this new mode of shopping. If you’re a Shopify merchant with both an online and physical presence, you should be identifying ways of meaningfully interacting with your customers throughout their entire journey.


Personalization In Retail: How To Make The In-Store Experience Unique

With Endear, you and your staff can view your customers’ shopping activity and preferences across all channels and message them with personalized lookbooks and product recommendations.


Short-Term Revenue Strategies For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Navigating COVID-19

Read how you can overcome the retail challenges brought on by COVID-19 with tools like Endear.

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Tech Solutions, Strategies Help Brands and Retailers Manage Crisis

Luxury brands are using the technology to have store associates still send consumers product ideas and brand information and then driving transactions via e-commerce. This keeps employees active and consumers engaged even with stores closed.


How Endear Helps You Manage Your Boutique, Generate Loyalty, And Sell More Digitally

Learn how Endear serves the needs of small business owners in an interview with co-founder Leigh Sevin.


Brick-And-Mortar Marketing: Untapped Opportunity Empowering Sales Associates To Leverage Their Expertise To Drive Sales

Endear's compelling solution boosts customer lifetime value for your Shopify brand. They enable store associates to build relationships with their customers that results in higher and more frequent customer spending.


Personalized Technology in Retail

"'We’re all about helping stores evolve and take advantage of what they offer that online can’t – touch, feel, smell, experience – and of course the human element of a store associate.” Learn how Endear helps brands extend the personal relationship online.


Driving sales even when there are no customers in your store!

As frustrating as an empty store can be, that doesn’t mean your sales staff can’t be actively creating strong relationships with their customers that result in more sales. Endear is a tool that allows your sales staff to proactively drive sales simply by using their cellphones to communicate with their clients in a personalized way.

Sell Smarter with Endear

Brand or retailer? See what all the hype's about.