Take Back Your Customers From Social Media

Introducing Lookbook Stories from Endear. Share beautiful, shoppable product stories over email, text, and WhatsApp to shorten a customer's path to purchase.

Tell your Story

Easily create a shoppable, alluring list of products that you can send over email, text, and WhatsApp to a segmented list of your customers. Your company's branding and settings are automatically added to your Lookbook Story.

Shop from the Story

Customers easily browse through the curated products you sent them. They can choose specific product options and "add to cart" just like they were shopping online.

Own the Story

Customers can complete purchases using Shopify Checkout without ever leaving your Lookbook Story. Own the entire customer journey from start to finish. In other words, you don't need to have customers "follow you" on social media ever again.

Sell Directly to your Customers with Lookbook Stories

Get a free consultation with one of our Shopify experts to learn how Endear and Lookbook Stories can elevate your brand in 2022.