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Leap customers enjoy 20% off their first 3 months' subscription when they use Endear at their own stores. Book a time to see how you can make the most of your locations with Endear's retail CRM.

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About Endear

Empower your store teams to drive sales over remote channels like email and text with Endear's omnichannel CRM. With Endear's app, your retail associates can continue to do their best work no matter what foot traffic looks like.

About Leap

Leap develops and operates immersive retail stores for modern brands. Leveraging technology, highly trained staff, and real estate expertise, the Leap Platform makes retail an easy and scalable growth channel.  Leap operates both pop-up and full term stores for modern brands such as Naadam, A.L.C., Koio, Something Navy, Goodlife Clothing and more.

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