Do more with your Emarsys data

View Emarsys marketing data on Endear customer profiles to further personalize your outreach.

customer interaction with Emarsys integration
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Crafting smarter customer interactions

By integrating Emarsys marketing data into Endear's customer profiles, you gain visibility into unsubscribed contacts, enabling you to engage with and serve your customers more effectively.

One-click Integration with Emarsys and Endear

One-click and you're off

Our Emarsys integration requires no technical lift from your team. Once connected, you'll see all your marketing data start to populate in Endear customers' profiles.

Enhanced Support with Emarsys on Endear

Better Support

Work together across teams seamlessly without stepping on toes. Know when a customer gets a marketing email, or has a styling question, and be able to manage your messaging accordingly.

Smarter Selling with Emarsys and Endear

Sell Smarter

Access all your customer's information seamlessly during your conversations with them. Utilize Emarsys marketing data to enhance connections and make tailored product recommendations.

See Emarsys and Endear in action

Find out how to achieve greater consistency across channels, streamline workflows for your teams, and drive increased sales for your store.

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