Powerful CRM to fuel your data-driven retail innovation

Sync your real-time and historic BigQuery data to Endear to enjoy a holistic customer view with supported custom data mappings and fields.

Endear CRM for BigQuery data
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Start selling smarter in virtually no time

Get set up with BigQuery in one click

Integrate in 1-Click

Get your account up and running in one click. No, really, its that fast to start syncing your real-time and historic BigQuery data into Endear customer profiles.

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Deliver a Personalized Experience

Endear automatically syncs all of your BigQuery data so you can use any and all data points to personalize customer outreach. From purchases to returns, we've got you covered.

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Supported Custom Data Mappings & Fields

In addition to seeing all your customer data all in one spot, Endear supports custom data mappings and custom fields so you can make the most of your data.

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