Maximize your Attentive data potential

Utilize Attentive marketing data in Endear to deliver a consistent experience across channels and departments.

Attentive SMS integration for Endear CRM
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Connect in One Click

Once your Endear account is created, all it takes it one click to start syncing your Attentive data into your customers' profiles.

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Create Consistency

Seeing Attentive marketing subscription data in Endear lets you work across teams without stepping on toes and better serve your customers' needs.

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Enjoy a Holisitic Customer View

See all your Attentive customer data on screen whenever they get in touch to better connect and recommend products accordingly.

Build smarter customer experiences with Endear and Attentive

With the ability to view Attentive marketing data on customer profiles in Endear's CRM, you can see who has subscribed or unsubscribed from marketing outreach to better engage and serve your customers.

Endear integrates with other industry-leading apps and platforms to unify all your data.