Endear Training Guide

From our experts, to your team. Here's what to expect from an Endear skills training. One (1) hour long session rate: $150 per team.

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Set-Up and Account Audit

Our Endear expert will start by asking about how your team is currently using Endear and any new initiatives or campaigns you have planned. They'll also help optimize and organize your account to make sure everything is properly set-up for your team to be successful.

Basic Module Overview

We'll will walk through a step-by-step tour of each Endear module so your team can fully understand how each is best used and how they connect to create a complete, efficient, all-encompassing retail sales platform.

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Advanced Use Cases

Our expert will introduce the following Endear use cases and work with your team to implement one or more for your account based on your team's goals.

  • Targeting customers based on filters and segments
  • Messaging customers in bulk and 1-1
  • Enhancing messages with assets and personalization
  • Tracking performance

Q&A and Extended Resource

There will be a question and answer session at the end of every training, but our expert will also provide themselves as an extended resource for questions that may arise from your team members throughout the week following your training.

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Ready to schedule?

One (1) hour long session rate: $150 per team. Schedule a session that's convenient for you.