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Oct 1, 2020

What's New in September

A comprehensive list of all the features we fixed, improved, and/or added in September 2020.

Filter Customers by Messaging Data

You can now filter your customers in Endear by messages they have sent, including message template, click/open, conversion, and more! You can also pull a list of customers who have been marked as unsubscribed and the reason why.

Introducing Merge Customers

Within Endear, you can now merge duplicate customer profiles into one another. Merging profiles will also help with sales attribution in the cases when you might have emailed one version of a customer's profile, but they purchase with a different customer account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you merge two customer profiles, the system will move all details including notes, tasks, orders, profile fields, contact methods, conversations, assigned users, etc. to the new customer. This action cannot be undone.

Improvement to SMS Deliverability

In an effort to improve the deliverability of your SMS messages, we have implemented a character limit on text messages sent through Endear. For plain text SMS messages your message now cannot exceed 600 characters and for messages with images or special characters like emojis, your message cannot exceed 260 characters. You can always check how many characters your message has on the character counter in the bottom right-hand corner of each message.