october pumpkins

Oct 31, 2021

What's New in October

A comprehensive list of all the features we fixed, improved, and/or added in October 2021.

By Jinesh Shah, Co-Founder @ Endear


Oct 25, 2021

Launched right-to-left support for composing and sending messages

Left to right is still the default behavior. You can set right to left messaging as your team's default, in your team settings.

Bug Fix

Oct 19, 2021

Ability to See CCs on Inbound Email Messages and Automatically Reply All

We've fixed a bug that hid CC'd emails on inbound messages to your Endear inbox. Any replies on the same thread will now automatically CC the same email addresses from the original email.


Oct 15, 2021

Preview Merge Field Information When Creating Templates

When creating a template with merge fields, you can now preview and choose any customer in your account to see how the merge fields will populate.


Oct 14, 2021

New Dynamic Merge Fields Available for Messages

Add more personalization into your messages with an expanded list of merge fields including order information, all customer profile fields, and more!

Note, some merge fields will now omit customers if now profile information can be found. With other merge fields, you'll now be given the option to omit customers if a field does not exist, or provide a fallback.


Oct 11, 2021

Now in Beta: Shopify Draft Order Filters

Shopify users can now filter Endear customer segments by the last draft order associated with a client. Contact your Endear account manager to turn on draft order filters in your account.


Oct 8, 2021

Edit Conversation Status in Bulk

You can now open, close, or block conversations in one bulk action.