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Nov 1, 2020

What's New in October

A comprehensive list of all the features we fixed, improved, and/or added in October 2020.

By Jinesh Shah, Co-Founder @ Endear

Refer new customers to Endear any time and earn up to $400

That's right! You can now refer new brands and retailers to Endear any time with our handy referral link, available right in your account above our live chat.

Click on the button to get directed to our referral page, where you can find easy ways to share your unique referral code. Don't forget, you can earn your first $100 simply by encouraging someone you know to book a demo with us. Learn more about the details of our program on your referral page.

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Hi {Customer's First Name} Added to All New Drafts

We noticed many of you using merge fields in Endear to start your messages. To make your life easier, Endear will now automatically add a text box with "Hi {Client's First Name}" to the top of your message.

You can always edit this or remove it entirely if you choose, and if you add a template to your message, the pre-loaded greeting will be automatically removed for you. The message editor will also now auto-save any updates you make to drafts or templates in real-time.

Learn more about Merge Tags and how to use them here >

Change to Unsubscribe Rules

You may now only remove the unsubscribe message when sending direct messages. All bulk messages will require an unsubscribe. If you have more than 1 recipient on a message, you will see the below error until you remove recipients or add the unsubscribe message.