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Feb 28, 2021

What's New in February

A comprehensive list of all the features we fixed, improved, and/or added in February 2021.

By Jinesh Shah, Co-Founder @ Endear


Feb 4, 2021

Improvement to Notifications

In preparation for the release of our mobile app, we've made updates to how you manage your notification settings. You can now adjust notification settings for yourself, without affecting the rest of your team.

Once you've installed the mobile app and signed in, you will see a new column appear next to the email notification column shown above, which will allow you to control how you are notified through your mobile device.


Feb 10, 2021

Updates to insights are now live!

Learn about new data available in your reports and our new attribution model. You can find the full details in our post from last month.

With this update, we're also excited to launch our new reports builder! When you navigate to your Insights area of Endear you'll now land on the screen below.

If you have a set of filters you find yourself continually adding to the standard Endear reports, you can use the "Create Report" button in the top right corner, add your filters, and save it, just like you do with customer segments!


Feb 10, 2021

New Look and Feel

Like many of your own customers, we took a long look in the mirror and decided it was time for a style upgrade. You may notice slight design changes in several places around Endear, but only a few will directly affect your user experience, which we'll highlight below.

Customer segments can now be pinned to the top of your segments list on a per user basis! Pin a segment when you want to easily access it every time you come into your customers area.

We've added an assigned users window to the top left corner of customer profiles and moved your action buttons to the top right corner.


Feb 10, 2021

Improvement to Customer Filters

We've added the ability to filter based on a customer's marketing opt-in status.


Feb 15, 2021

Update to Default UTM Tracking

We've updated how you can track interactions on messages and lookbooks in Google Analytics and other similar platforms through our default UTM's. Below is a breakdown of how to read the UTM's to understand customers' behavior. Most important to note is that any click that originated in Endear will have the source listed as 'endear'. Below is a chart that explains how additional UTM parameters are determined.