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Jan 1, 2021

What's New in December

A comprehensive list of all the features we fixed, improved, and/or added in December 2020.

By Jinesh Shah, Co-Founder @ Endear


Dec 17, 2020

Message Sending Speed Improved 10x and other improvements

Happy holidays! We've just released an update with some improvements that you've been asking for.

  1. Message sending speed through Endear is now up to 10x faster.
  2. Added custom fields to your customer CSV exports.
  3. Improved performance of bulk editing large customer lists.
  4. Improved tag selector when uploading images to your assets folder.

Let us know what you think and reach out to chat support if you notice any other areas that we can be improving things!


Dec 15, 2020

COMING SOON: Meet the New Attribution Settings Page

In case you missed it, we sent out an email a few weeks ago letting you know about some upcoming updates to the Endear attribution model. In preparation for those updates, we have introduced an area for all customers on a Professional or higher plan to set their custom attribution settings, or in other words, when a message should be credited with driving a sale.

New attribution page

Want to learn more about Endear's unique approach to omnichannel sales attribution and tracking?

If you would like to adjust these default settings, we recommend that you do so now so that you'll be all set when we release the update. It's important to note that these settings have not yet taken affect and we will notify you as soon as the changes to sales attribution have been pushed through to your account.