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Apr 30, 2021

What's New in April

A comprehensive list of all the features we fixed, improved, and/or added in April 2021.

By Jinesh Shah, Co-Founder @ Endear


Apr 26, 2021

Include Subject Lines in your Templates

You can now choose to include a subject line in your Endear email templates.

Additionally, when applying a template to a message draft that you've already started editing, you will now have the option to replace the contents of your draft with the selected template, or add the selected template to the existing content.


Apr 23, 2021

Change to Permissions

We've made an adjustment to how the different permission levels in Endear work when choosing to assign a user to a customer profile.

Those with manager permissions in Endear can now assign users from other teams to a customer profile, but they can only unassign users from their team. Those with user permissions in Endear can now assign other users from their team to a customer profile, but they cannot unassign any users other than themselves.


Apr 22, 2021

Select Products On Different Pages

When creating a lookbook or adding products to a message directly, you can now select products on multiple pages to add at the same time.

Bug Fix

Apr 21, 2021

Implemented a fix to a bug that broke the filters for order status and order channel

These filters should now populate with options for you to choose from.


Apr 5, 2021

Unassign or Reassign Customers and Conversations when Disabling a User

When you disable a user, you can now choose to unassign them from previous customers and conversations, or reassign their customers & conversations to a different user on your team.

If you want to continue with the way things worked before, simply select the option to leave all customers & conversations as-is when disabling the user.