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Nov 11, 2020

10 Innovative Places to List Your Store's SMS Number

Encourage customers to reach out to your store via text message by listing your details across channels.

By Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder @ Endear

Whether it's in retail, software, or any other industry, the one thing every salesperson wants is more inbound leads. Endear is a great resource not only for reaching out to customers, but also giving them a way to reach out to you. The more places you list the email address and sms number that is associated with your team in Endear, the more likely it is for customers to take you up on your offer to chat when they have a question or need to get in touch. With that in mind, here are some of the most creative and useful places to list your Endear contact info:

1. On your website

The most obvious place to list your contact info is on your website. Whether it's on a Contact Us page, a Store Locations page, or even on a product page, make sure you customers know that they have direct access to you while they are shopping online. Don't forget that Endear's SMS phone number can also route to a landline of your choice (including your store phone number), so customers can use that number to call or text and they'll still be able to get a hold of you or someone on your team.

2. Around your store

The second most obvious place is around your store. You may already have placards that list your return policy and other relevant information - why not add your sms number there? According to one study by Gartner, 63% of consumers today would go so far as to switch to a company simply because they offer text message. You can share your number on your store window for customers passing by who don't have time to come in, or in your fitting room (in case someone needs a hand). While store conversion can be as high as 25% for the specialty store category, that still leaves 75% of customers who walk in and don't purchase anything. Providing store visitors with a way to get in touch with you creates an opportunity to convert them later down the line.

3. On social media accounts

Have you ever gotten a sales question in the comments section of an Instagram post? Those can be hard to uncover if you've got a very active following, and yet they create a huge opportunity for engagement and conversion. While customers may choose to DM you, you can also migrate this conversation into Endear for better reporting and potentially a new commission. Consider listing your phone number in the details of your Instagram or Facebook page, or even on your personal LinkedIn profile page - since Endear functions like a shared work number, you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed with too many messages and can divvy out conversations to other members of your team.

4. In your marketing emails

I love when I get a marketing email that actually shows me something I want! What I don't love is when I have a lingering question but no way to ask it because the From address is "noreply". Talk about a conversation that can literally go nowhere. Next time, give your customers a way to reach the right people on your team so that they can learn more about what you're trying to market to them. You never know what additional details may move them across the finish line and your email marketing is a great way to connect with customers who have yet to purchase.

5. On your billboards

If you're doing any out-of-home (OOH) marketing, consider listing your phone number right there on the billboard. Especially if you have a local store, customers can take advantage of this number to learn more about what's available right in their zip code and meet the team remotely first.

6. On your packaging

The last thing you want to do is abandon your customer after a purchase. In fact, once a customer converts for the first time, your primary focus should be on how to retain them. A great way to prevent customers from feeling any buyer's remorse is to put your contact info right there on the packaging in order to ensure that they have a lifeline for asking questions about the product - including how to return it. While it's not what you want to hear, you can often use these sorts of interactions to demonstrate to customers that you put them above the sale.

7. In your phone

Sometimes you meet someone and it turns out they are a huge fan of your brand - yay! Don't be shy, give them your Endear number and encourage them to follow up if they ever need any help or want to pay your store a visit. You can also collect their information and add it directly into Endear's CRM so that the customer is immediately added to your client list.

8. On your business card

If your company still uses business cards (we do), you may want to list your Endear phone number instead of your personal number, especially if you primarily give your card to clients. Having to worry about transitioning them to your work number later can be a pain and confusing for them, so why not get them started off on the right foot and give them the contact info most relevant to what both of you are trying to accomplish.

9. In your email signature

While you may find email is a less intrusive route for an initial outreach, it's also a great place to inform customers that they can reach you by text. Adding your phone number to your email signature shows that you're available to help customers no matter what channel they prefer, and may result in faster responses and increased conversion rate.

10. Anywhere you'd like!

after reviewing this list, I recommend you think about some fresh ideas of your own on where you can leverage your phone number to capture new customers. Don't forget that the more places you list your number, the less work you'll have to do in the long run through outbound outreach.

You can learn how SMS works with Endear on our website, or of course you can reach out to us anytime at our own number +1 929 480 4853. Looking forward to hearing from you!