Most of us are now in week 2 of Working From Home - at this point some good habits may be forming, some may be fading away. When it comes to your customers though, we thought we'd share some clever new ways to keep in touch with them and remind them that you care.

Just because your customers don't get up and go to work every day doesn't mean they are not still craving a daily dose of fashion inspiration. With that in mind, here are some clever ways for you and your retail team to connected with customers and keep them engaged.

Closet Audits & Clean-Outs

Spring is here! While our ability to go outside is not what we want it to be, it's still time for "out with the old, in with the new". How about offering your customers some guidance on how to get ready for the new season?

Help your customers come up with new ways to wear what they already have, and figure out what is missing from their wardrobe. Closet audits are a great way to get to know your customers and their style; plus, customers are eager to feel productive at home.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, a good closet clean-out is also a great way to lend a hand, especially if your customers are eager to do some good. Help them decide what to donate and what to keep, making room for new purchases later.

You can host these sessions over FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or any other video conferencing platform you like. Closet Audits will still give your team an opportunity to stay connected and support your customers.

Endear tip: Your associates can email or text their top customers directly using Endear to invite them to book an appointment; we recommend using a scheduling app like Calendly to manage bookings.

Show off Your At-Home Closets

Invite your customers into your team's homes by turning your Instagram account over to some of your top associates or stylists. IG Live is a great way to showcase some of your new products and teaching your customers how to incorporate those products into different outfits for different settings.

These types of live streams are also a great time for associates to field questions from your customers. They can also use this time to  share how they are coping with working from home and what they wear when they're at home to feel comfortable.

Challenge Your Customers

Give your customers something new to think about by coming up with your own at-home challenge, such as asking customers to show off their "outfit of the day" or what items make them happiest. This challenge will not only ensure that we all continue to get dressed every morning, it will also generate a sense of community when you feature different participants.

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