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Jun 14, 2019

Featured Feature Friday: Motivate Your Store Associates with Endear's Sales Insights

Run an efficient associate incentive program with Endear's omnichannel tracking tools.

By Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder @ Endear

It's Tuesday at 11am and the store is - quiet. Too quiet. Annoyingly quiet. How can you incentivize your store employees to help turn things around?

With the amount of competition for foot traffic these days, it's more important than ever that you take advantage of the resources you have readily available to continue to drive sales and ensure that customers come in and leave happy. One of the best resources to achieve these goals is your store team - keeping your associates motivated is a consistent and reliable way to guarantee top service for your customers and stronger sales for you.

Introducing incentives can generate a flash of energy among your associates, especially when given a limited timeframe. Coming up with unique contests and goals not only increases associate engagement, its a great way to actually improve performance for your store.

Below are the steps to using Endear to increase customer engagement within a specific timeframe.

Decide what your goals are

Goals for your incentive program can be volume-drive, unit-driven, or service-driven. Just be sure to ask yourself how much input your associates have when setting these goals and how achievable they are given the timeframe. For example, associates may not be able to control what inventory is available in the store, but they can certainly impact how many customers they invite into the store for a styling session.

Here are some examples of potential goals for an incentive program - all of which are trackable through Endear's Insights page:

  • Reach out to a certain number of customers over email or text
  • Increase sales for a unique product or product type
  • Increase the number of repeat customers you get
  • Boost your brand's online sales

Track your team's progress

Once you've decided on a timeline and the metrics for your competition, create a sense of urgency to increase your chances for success. Urgency can come from updates like countdowns, current rankings, or upping the ante to include an additional prize or incentive for the winner.

Most importantly though, make sure you have a straightforward way of measuring the team's progress on goals. With Endear's Insights, you can track your associates' performance each week, and use these insights to inform everyone of where they stand.

Endear's Sales page will give you the power to see all the sales your team has driven thanks to their outreach, as well as what messages were responsible and where the sales took place.

Reward the winners :)

Give your associates a reason to go above and beyond! Rewards do not always have to be monetary, and they also don't have to be awarded individually - not everyone loves competing against their peers. Depending on the culture of your store, below are some ideas for rewards you can offer.


  • Discount on store merchandise
  • Giftcard to a neighborhood cafe or eatery
  • Tickets to a local event
  • Increase in commission rate or larger store bonus


  • Team party or happy hour
  • Extra day or weekend off
  • Pick the schedule
  • Breakroom treats

Whatever reward you decide, you can also introduce an element of surprise & delight by keeping the actual prize a secret or by rewarding the team with something extra at the conclusion of the contest. Especially if associates are competing against one another, providing surprise consolation prizes to associates who did not win will set you up for success when you run the next competition.