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Jun 5, 2019

Featured Feature Friday: Curing Decision Fatigue with Endear Lookbooks

How to use lookbooks to create a personalized shopping experience and avoid decision fatigue and abandoned carts.

By Casey Drake, Head of Sales @ Endear

With summer around the corner, I got to thinking, "that work bonus just hit my bank account, and I've earned myself a couple new outfits to rock this year!" So, I go to one of my favorite brands and check out their new seasonal lines. I'm really into the new moisture-wicking, collar-less button downs. Perfect. "This is a new and fun you!" I think as I add a few to my cart. BUT WAIT! I'm also getting some seriously good vibes from the t-shirt selection - I can't make the wrong choice! I know that I'll like the trusty classic t-shirts, but I also want to impress my friends by being the first to wear the newest trendy styles.

Fast forward two hours: still haven't purchased, somehow have pivoted from summer wear to the crew neck sweater collection, and I'm very frustrated. Eventually, I give up and determine that this is "a sign" that I should just save my money.

I wanted to buy. I was prepared to buy. But I got so stressed out by the pressure of making the right decision (or not making the wrong one) that I decided not to buy at all. This, is Decision Fatigue.

The Psychology Behind Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue can be defined as the state of frustration, and literal mental fatigue, a customer reaches from weighing the available options when shopping for a product or service. The story above took place from the comfort of my couch, but take one walk down Rodeo Drive or through Hudson Yards and you'll soon realize the same is true when shopping in-person. There are a few causes behind this interesting new phenomenon.

The Social Media Shopper

In the age of social media, shoppers today are constantly comparing themselves to everyone around them. They compete to be the first, best, coolest, trendiest, anyother "-est" you can think of. And, to be the best, they need to make sure they are buying the best. This puts a lot of pressure on their buying process and need to make the right decision.

Buyer's Remorse

We've all experienced buyer's remorse, or that feeling you get after buying something that you really shouldn't have. Maybe you love the actual items, but you've been trying to save more and you can't help but feel a little shame. The fear of buyer's remorse is often the cause of  abandoned carts and people "just browsing".

Avoid Decision Fatigue with Endear Lookbooks

How do retailers prevent customers from experiencing decision fatigue? Less is more. By using browsing and purchase history, retailers can determine their customers' purchase preferences and help guide their decision-making process. One way to do this is by creating and sharing custom lookbooks with customers.

In Endear, your associates can go through a simple process to provide a personalized selection of pieces for each customer.

Let's say for example that you want to send a unique lookbook to each of your VIP's.

  1. Access their store's saved list of VIP clients and select a client to view their profile. Briefly look over the previous orders, notes, and any other information to gain an understanding of this customers style preferences.
  2. Using your imported inventory of products, craft a personalized lookbook in Endear's Lookbook Builder. Include custom descriptions and title the book with the client's name so they know it was built specially for them. Preview the customer view and adjust any style elements or details where needed before finalizing.
  3. Create a message from the Endear Chat Center and attach the lookbook!

Your customer can now shop from a curated selection of items from your site, and avoid any distractions that may get in the way of their purchasing. Better yet, with Endear's lookbooks, it doesn't matter if your customer shops online or buys in-person - Endear can still report back which lookbook prompted the sale.

With the current abundance of choices in the retail world, and technology available, customers don't just want a personalized shopping experience, they are expecting it. Brands who fail to implement the technology and methods to cater to their clientele will quickly fall behind. But as Endear customers have seen, those that do, will win over customers and get them to shop more frequently.