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Feb 9, 2021

How To Become Your Customer's Valentine (Without Discounting)

5 clever ways to earn your customers' love and affection this Valentine's Day

By Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder @ Endear

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and this year everyone could use an extra valentine or two. Endear is all about building relationships, and there is no better time to show your customers how much you care than February 14th (and the long weekend that surrounds it). Valentine's Day creates a wonderful opportunity to reach out to customers to introduce yourself and start a conversation that isn't necessarily sales-driven. Take advantage of holidays like this one to show your customers you're here for them and appreciate their support.

1. Shower Your Customers With Gifts

There's nothing like getting a gift on Valentine's Day, whether it's virtual or physical. As a starting point, consider sending a digital Valentine's Day card to your store's local valentines. Endear's messaging module lets you attach images or include fun GIFs in your outreach, while still keeping messages highly personalized - not a BCC chain in sight! If you have your customers' home address information, consider mailing a card! You can even include a little piece of candy inside.

Also, virtual gifts have never been easier to send. Promotional codes customers can use on your brand's site are always an easy option, but you can get even more creative by sending customers a gift card to a local chocolatier or flower shop.

For those extra special customers, consider having something delivered directly to their home, with a Valentine's Day note from the store team. Any token of appreciation can go a long way.

Here's How

With Endear, you can make sure no customer gets left behind. Our CRM will tell you which customers you have emails, phone numbers, or home addresses for. You can then layer different filters onto these lists based on details like customer's total spend or number of items purchased. Once you create these various segments, you can assign tasks to your team based on which customers they'll be responsible for contacting.

2. Share Something Unique

Whether customers are dining out, staying in, or spending the 14th virtually with someone special, make sure they're prepared for whatever their day may look like with a good outfit or the right gift. Give your customers the confidence they need to enjoy their Valentine's Day by providing them with the right selections of products to treat themselves and the ones they love.

Here's How

With Endear's Lookbooks, you can put together a whole selection of items customized to suit your clients' wishlist for the upcoming holiday. Be sure to let customers know what's available in their local area versus online and how soon it can reach them. Curating options that are immediately available at the store is also a great way to drive local traffic or encourage customers to take advantage of local services like curbside pick-up.

3. Woo Customers In-Store

If you expect your stores to be open this weekend, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to remind your local community what they mean to you. Make those customers who drop in feel even more special by offering them a token of gratitude for visiting or purchasing, such as a special Valentine's Day cocktail or card. Even better: consider making a product available for purchase exclusively in-store over the weekend (maybe before it launches online).

Here's How

With Endear, you can target customers based on their zip codes and their most recent purchase location. Using these lists, you can let your community know exactly what you have planned at a location near them and give them a strong reason to venture out.

Be A Valentine All Year Long

Loyalty points are great, but nothing beats true one-on-one attention. Find out how Endear can help you scale a true, omnichannel VIP program thanks to our centralized messaging platform and high-powered customer segmentation.

4. Host a Valentine's Day Giveaway

Customers are sometimes at a loss with how to celebrate Valentine's Day, especially with extra limitations this year. Give the gift of a plan by putting together a special Valentine's package for one or a few lucky customers. This giveaway may include a weekend away, a home-cooked meal, a reservation at a local restaurant, or a virtual crafting class. The most important thing is your giveaway should empower people to spend quality time with a loved one in a new and exciting way.

Here's How

Create an email opt-in on your website for your online visitors to enter the giveaway. Depending on the value of the giveaway, you can also require certain details to make sure submissions are eligible and customers are able to redeem your offer. You can market your giveaway through social media, digital marketing, and of course, your salespeople. Make sure your salespeople are informing customers over email, text, and in-person to increase the number of submissions and ensure customers have the necessary details.

5. Earn Customers' Eternal Loyalty

What goes better with love and romance than loyalty? If you run a loyalty program, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to promote your program and invite new customers to participate. Loyalty programs motivate customers to stick with you all year round by offering them incentives for certain behaviors. This weekend may serve as a good time to temporarily increase what customers stand to gain when they join your program.

Here's How

If you run your program through a separate app, market the sign-up process over your standard marketing channels. If you run a more custom VIP program through a platform like Endear, make sure that customers are aware of how to opt in and what services are available to them as members.

As customers' attention becomes increasingly challenging to capture and hold, holidays and special occasions are great opportunities to remind customers why they should choose you, your brand, and your stores. The most important part of moving ahead with any of these tactics is to leave the customer feeling cared for and attended to at all times. You can make them feel that way every day by giving them a way to stay in touch and reach out to you whenever they need with Endear.